4 Warning Signs You Need Dental Implants Today

dental implantsDental implants are surgical components that interface with the bone of your jaw or skull in order to support a dental prosthesis like crowns, bridges, dentures, or facial prosthesis. Dental implants have a 98% success rate and more than three million people in American have them, and that number grows by 500,000 every year. Here are some signs that you might need to join that group.

You have a cracked tooth

If you injured yourself in a way that cracked, chipped, or otherwise broke your tooth, you might need dental implants. This is especially true if the tooth cannot be fixed in any other way. What will probably happen is that your broken tooth will be removed, and an implant will be put in its place so you can still chew, talk, etc. Your family dentist will be able to determine if you need the implant based on the damage of your tooth.

You’re missing teeth

Many people are concerned about the look of their teeth and their smiles. It’s hard to feel confident about your smile if you’re missing teeth. That’s where the dental implants come in. This type of dental work will fill the space where the gap was and look just like your natural smile. So you don’t have to worry about your dental implant looking fake and standing out.

You have a hard time functioning

You might notice that you have a hard time chewing, eating and speaking because something is wrong with your teeth. You might be missing teeth, or the shape of your teeth may have changed over time due to things like grinding. Dentists will tell you that a relatively simple fix to this issue is dental implants. They can restore normal function back to your mouth by replacing the damaged teeth.

You have a sunken face

Does your face look sunken-in or caved-in because of your dentures? That’s a common problem that many people with dentures experience. This is usually due to bone loss as you grow older. Dentures don’t stimulate bone growth like implants do, so your bones will still deteriorate over time. Dental implants will solve that problem, though.

If you are missing teeth, have broken teeth, have a hard time eating, or have a sunken-in face, make sure you call your dentist today and ask about dental implants.

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