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Congratulatory letter: Martin E. Nohe – Coles District Supervisor, Prince William Board of County Supervisor


Patient testimonial: Amy T., Haymarket

Going to the dentist has always created a tremendous amount of anxiety for me, regardless of the procedure. As a teenager I had a rough experience getting some teeth pulled and ever since I’ve been avoiding dental work.

Thankfully that has all changed now. Dr. Chehade is the most caring and compassionate dentist, especially given my fears. He and his team are always very sensitive to my needs and I am completely comfortable in their care. As much as I still don’t “like” going to the dentist, I no longer feel worried for days before I go. And better still, I don’t avoid getting work done because I know it won’t cause me any pain!!

Patient Testimonial: Nancy P., Gainesville

I have been a patient at Gainesville Dental Associates since moving to Gainesville in 1999. Throughout these years I have visited the office for routine dental check ups and an occasional filling. However, one day after suddenly experiencing pain in an old front-capped tooth, I knew I needed immediate attention. I called the office and was seen that day by Dr. Chehade. An infection had developed which required an antibiotic and further treatment was planned to pull the tooth. Several options were discussed about replacing the front tooth. I chose a dental implant and further repair to adjacent teeth with porcelain crowns. The cost of the procedure was thoroughly discussed and the office was very helpful in dealing with my insurance company. I had a complete understanding about what the insurance would cover and what my responsibility would be.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my entire repair. At every point of the procedure I was completely informed of the next steps and given the best of consideration for pain management. Great care was taken to match the color of my existing teeth to the new dental work. I was consulted about the size and shape of the teeth and shown pictures of the results of the repair. It is not possible to tell the new crowns from my real teeth. With Dr. Chehade’s expertise and judgment and the best technology available, I now smile confidently. I cannot thank him or the office enough for their attention and kind understanding throughout this whole dental experience.

Testimonial Patient: Larry H., Warrenton

I started this procedure 11 months ago. Dr. Batistas and his team treated me with respect, caring and professionalism all through this process. Prior to starting they reviewed everything they were going to do with me to make sure I understood what was going to happen next. After each stage they would follow up with me to ensure everything was going well and see how I was doing.

I am feeling 100% better about my oral health and can attribute this to the procedure I have completed with Dr. Batistas and his team.