Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can be a traumatic experience causing you or a loved one pain and anxiety. With an oral surgeon on staff, Gainesville Dental Associates can almost all dental emergencies. The first step in any emergency is to remain as calm as possible and assess the severity of the injury. If your mouth is bleeding heavily or you’re having trouble speaking, from a possibly broken jaw, we suggest visiting the nearest emergency room for the immediate care.

Dental EmergenciesIf your injury is not that severe, but you are still in a tremendous amount of pain (Chipped tooth, bleeding gums, lost filling, etc.) please contact Gainesville Dental Associates today for the expert assistance and during your difficult time of need. Dr. Batistas and his team will help provide relief as quickly as they can from variety of potential emergency situations.

What are Dental Emergencies?

  • Partially or fully dislodged tooth
  • Broken, cracked, chipped or fractured tooth
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Painful toothache
  • Object caught in teeth
  • Oral bleeding and injury to gums

Most dental emergencies occur by an accident and can’t be avoided.  However, to help avoid dental emergencies here are some helpful tips:

  • Do not open difficult packaging with your teeth – use scissors instead.
  • Be careful when eating particularly sticky or hard foods.
  • When participating in an athletic event where physical contact with a hard surface or another person is possible, make sure to always wear a mouthguard.

Dental Emergency Guide

  • If you have a lot of irritation or swelling, place a teaspoon of salt in a coffee cup of boiling water and use it as a warm mouthwash.
  • For a knocked-out tooth, place the tooth in a glass of milk until you can visit our office.
  • Gently floss your teeth to remove lodged food particles.
  • Immediately place ice or a cold compress to areas that swell. This will help reduce swelling, numb irritation, and stop any bleeding that may occur.
  •  Never take aspirin or ibuprofen for a dental emergency as they might cause excessive bleeding. To help reduce your pain we recommend taking an acetaminophen like Tylenol.

If you have a dental emergency in Prince William County or Fauquier County, contact us today to help. Gainesville Dental Associates is the areas most experienced and trusted practice to handle your dental emergencies. Please call us today at (703) 754-7151.