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At Gainesville Dental Associates (GDA) your comfort is our top priority. Our office is off Route 29 very close to the communities located in Bristow VA.  Whether you are in Sheffield Manor, Victory Lakes or Braemar, we are an easy 5 to 10 minute car ride. We are well equipped and specially trained to provide exceptional general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages. We offer safe, gentle, state-of-the-art dental care from our comfortable and stress-free office.

Our focus is on your overall oral health. We can provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you maintain or achieve your perfect smile. If you are looking for a Bristow family dentist that cares deeply for each member of your family, then you’ve come to the right place. Regular preventative checkups can help your dentist detect a variety of oral health problems long before you experience symptoms. These checkups provide routine or deep cleanings in order to eliminate plaque buildup and prevent tooth decay.  Prevention significantly reduces the chance of tooth loss. Yet, only 52.3% of adults reported visiting the dentist every six months over the past few years.

We take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience where our qualified staff is friendly and knowledgeable.We invite you to call with any questions or email us via the contact us or request an appointment page of our Web site. We will do everything possible to ensure you a pleasant visit.

Quality Dentistry Services Provided:
Pediatric Dentistry Services
Periodontal Treatments
Oral Surgery
Root Canals
Sedation Dentistry

Teeth Whitening & Other Cutting Edge Dentistry Procedures.

There are several benefits of routine dental cleaning and exams, including:

  1. Preventing tooth decay: Regular dental cleanings help remove plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to tooth decay.
  2. Early detection of dental problems: Dental exams can help catch dental problems early, before they become more serious and require more invasive treatment.
  3. Maintaining overall oral health: Routine dental cleanings and exams help maintain good oral hygiene, which is important for overall oral health.
  4. Preventing gum disease: Regular cleanings can help prevent gum disease, which can cause tooth loss and other health problems.
  5. Saving money: By catching dental problems early, you may be able to avoid more costly and invasive treatments down the road.
  6. Improving your smile: Routine cleanings can help remove stains and brighten your teeth, leading to a healthier, more attractive smile.

Dentists in Victory LakesAt GDA we care about your comfort and happiness just as much as your oral health. We take the time to answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you might have about your dental visit.

Bristow residents, please contact us to set up your dental appointment. We look forward to meeting you.