Need OTC Relief from Tooth Pain? Your Gainesville Dentist Knows Best

Ow! When tooth pain strikes in the middle of the night, and you can’t sleep; and you can’t call your Gainesville dentist until the morning, but you need relief now, you’re asking — begging the question:

Help me, Gainesville Dental Associates! What over-the-counter pain medication is best for a toothache?

Dental professionals have a wealth of tools at their disposal in-office (e.g., anesthesia, nitrous oxide), and available from the pharmacy (sedation medication, corticosteroids) after the stroke of a pen, but your medicine cabinet is somewhat more limited. Within you’ve found ibuprofen, Motrin; and acetaminophen, Tylenol. They each claim to relieve pain, “and FAST,” but which will work better and faster than the rest?

Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs

Ibuprofen is most effective in dosages that range from 400 to 800 milligrams per; there is no evidence of higher levels of effectiveness beyond 800 milligrams. Medications of this type, NSAIDs, work powerfully and fast to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Available over the counter and a staple in most Americans’ first aid kit, ibuprofen is considered most useful when treating mild to moderate tooth pain.


A pain reliever like acetaminophen works in accordance with the central nervous system, to block pain messages sent to and from the brain. In dosages of approximately 1000 milligrams, Tylenol will help dull the ache, but it’s more often used in combination with, not instead of an anti-inflammatory (and only under the direction of your experienced Gainesville dentist) like Motrin.

So the next time you’re up half the night with a toothache:

Take two Motrin, and call Gainesville Dental Associates in the morning.

Dental pain hurts, but there’s always a reason why. Dental decay, a cracked or broken tooth, pulpitis, sinusitis, dry socket, or TMJ, the best way to successfully manage tooth pain is to get right to the root. We know it’s not easy to get immediate dental treatment, especially in the middle of the night; that’s why we recommend the use of an anti-inflammatory pain reliever like Motrin until you can get into the chair.

Proper diagnosis and treatment is the key to not just relieving your toothache, but getting rid of it for good. Feel better. Get some sleep. Take two Motrin, and call Gainesville Dental Associates in the morning.