How Bad is Smoking for Your Teeth?

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Smoking can cause a number of health issues for you and your loved ones. What you might not realize is the negative effect it can have on your teeth. Smoking reduces your mouth’s natural ability to ward off infection. This puts you at risk for a number of dental problems.

Stained Teeth

Discolored teeth are one of the more obvious dental problems caused by smoking. Tobacco contains several chemicals that stick to teeth, staining them over time. While teeth whitening treatments might help slow this process, they cannot stop or reverse it.

Best Dentists in Gainesville VABad Breath

Chimney breath” Smoking causes bad breath in two ways. Particles from cigarettes remain in your mouth long after smoking. This causes your breath to smell like cigarettes. Smoking also reduces your body’s ability to control the bacteria in your mouth. The overgrowth of bacteria can lead to tooth decay, infection and gum disease. These conditions lead to bad breath that cannot be resolved from brushing. Bad breath from smoking will only go away once you have quit and dealt with the dental issues caused by smoking.

Gum Disease

As mentioned above, smoking reduces the body’s ability to control bacteria. Bacteria on the teeth can spread to the gums, leading to gum disease. When left untreated, gum disease can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, making tooth loss inevitable. Smoking can also decrease the effectiveness of treatments for gum disease. The only sure fire way to save your teeth is to quit smoking before beginning treatment.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is by far the worst dental issue caused by smoking. Oral cancer kills approximately one person every hour. It typically begins as a red or white patch in the mouth accompanied by numbness in the jaw and difficulty swallowing. Although these symptoms can be caused by other conditions, it’s extremely important to see your doctor if they persist.

Gainesville Dental Associates cares about your health. We can help you treat many of the issues associated with smoking, but we cannot make them go away completely. The best way to protect your smile and your overall health is to quit smoking altogether.

A beautiful smile takes work to maintain, and it all starts with healthy gums and teeth. Here at Gainesville Dental Associates, we can devise a personalized treatment strategy that will keep your oral health in optimal condition, and enhance your smile through a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that we offer. As one of the most experienced, oldest, and reputable dental practices in the Gainesville, VA area, we are the perfect choice for dental care for your whole family. In addition to Gainesville, we also serve patients from Warrenton, Middleburg, Haymarket, Bristow, and other nearby communities.

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