4 Of the Most Common Problems Dental Care Can Help You Avoid

dental care

A good dental care provider can make a huge difference to the health of you and your family. Everyone knows that they are supposed to visit the dentist regularly, but some people may be unaware of just what is at stake when they neglect their twice-annual dental visit. Poor dental hygiene can result in issues not simply isolated in the mouth, but health issues that have implications for overall health as well.

Fortunately there are simple steps you can take to vastly reduce your chances of encountering these health risks. Twice-daily brushing and daily flossing, along with scheduling regular checkups with the family dentist, can help you to avoid these four common dental problems.

  1. Tooth decay and erosion: The most obvious consequences of inadequate oral hygiene are tooth decay and erosion resulting from the proliferation of plaque. The acids plaque create as a byproduct of the starches and sugars they feed on can damage teeth, leading to cavities. This destruction of the enamel can go on to compromise the structure of the tooth itself, causing extra sensitivity and even cracks. Proper dental care is the best way to avoid decay and erosion — the ADA recommends brushing twice a day.
  2. Sensitive teeth: Some people have inherently sensitive teeth, while others develop the issue due to the aforementioned wearing of enamel, or the appearance of cracks in teeth. Treatments are available for those suffering from tooth sensitivity so they can go back to enjoying hot liquids, frozen foods, and anything else which may be causing them discomfort.
  3. Oral sores: Most commonly, mouth sores present as canker sores, either simple/minor or complex/major. They can appear from any number of causes, including injuries and trauma, certain foods, or immunosuppressive diseases. Herpes and yeast infections can lead to mouth sores as well. Most sores resolve within two weeks — if one lasts longer, it is generally recommended to seek medical attention.
  4. Oral cancer: Mouth, tongue, tonsil, and throat cancer all fall under the term oral cancer. The Oral Cancer Foundation projects that over 50,000 people will be diagnosed with the disease in 2019. Risk factors include tobacco, alcohol, HPV, and more. Fortunately, early detection makes for very good chances, so periodic screenings are highly recommended.

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