4 Common Myths About Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry has become increasingly more popular within the dental community, but patients are still a little skeptical about fully accepting this style of dentistry.

Roughly 3 million people currently have dental implants and that number is going to increase by 500,000 a year. Although not all of those procedures will involve sedation density, many of them will. One of the reasons why people are nervous about dental sedation procedures is that there are a bunch of myths associated with dental sedation.

Here are some of the most common myths about sedation dentistry:

    1. Sedation immediately puts you asleep — You won’t actually be asleep with sedation density, you’ll be awake. Although you won’t be completely aware of everything that is going on or even remember most of what happened during your procedure, you are not asleep. Sedation dentistry affects everyone differently but no procedure fully knocks anyone completely unconscious.
    1. There is only one kind of sedation — Another common misconception is that there is only one way to administer sedation treatments. In fact, there are multiple methods including nitrous oxide, sedation through an IV, and IV sedation.
    1. Sedation dentistry is extremely dangerous for everybody — Again, each person and each situation is different, but you should know that sedation dentistry isn’t as unsafe as some people believe it to be. If you’re not a good candidate for sedation (a dental professional will advise you whether or not you are), it could be dangerous. But the majority of sedation procedures are quite safe.
  1. All people are good candidates for dental sedation — If you’re pregnant, currently on certain medications, have a history of medical conditions, or have a very high tolerance of sedation treatments, you won’t be labeled a good candidate by your dentist. Make sure you discuss your dental history with your dental professionals before any further discussions.

Whether you are getting root canals or other major dental work done, make sure you’re working with a trusted dentist. If you want to learn more about the dental sedation process, are in need of dental implants, or want to find a quality family dentist, contact Gainesville Dental Associates today.