3 Dental Hygiene Tips to Nail Your Job Interview


After you’ve carefully crafted your resume, taken online educational courses, you finally land the perfect job opportunity! However preparing for the interview has left you feeling nervous. If you’re one of the many people getting ready for a job interview, try these dental hygiene tips to feel confident in the conference room.

1. Get a cleaning

The harmful plaque and tartar that has built up between your teeth and along your gum line can cause a number of harmful side effects. Gingivitis, cavities, bad breath, and yellowing teeth are only some of the many problems you may experience without proper dental care. Though these unsightly issues may not cost you the interview, a confident smile can certainly help set you apart from the crowd.

Getting a dental cleaning by professional dentists will help your pearly whites shine even brighter on the day of your job interview. Banish bad breath and search for “dentist near me” when you want to exude confidence on the day of your interview.

2. Ditch the braces

Though it might seem uncommon, countless adults need braces to correct their crooked teeth or alignment issues. Unfortunately, the look of braces might turn you off to the idea. Instead of choosing metal spokes to line your teeth, however, try talking to your family dentist about Invisalign.

This decision should probably be made months in advance, but Invisalign is a great option for hard-working professionals. In fact, 47% of teens felt a confidence boost during the Invisalign retainer process compared to only 22% who felt a confidence boost from using metal braces. Instead of showcasing a mouth full of metal at your job interview, let your real smile shine through your unnoticeable clear, plastic retainers.

3. Carry a toothbrush

It is tempting to chew gum on the way into your interview, but it can be easy to forget to throw it away before you walk in. Unfortunately, great breath won’t save you from looking unprofessional in this situation.

Carrying around a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste is a great way to freshen your breath and clean your teeth following a meal. Before you walk into an interview, brush your teeth before you leave your home or quickly freshen up in the bathroom beforehand. Just be sure to wipe away any toothpaste that fell on your shirt!

When you want to show off your perfect smile at your next job interview, rely on the family dentists you can trust to get the job done right: Gainesville Dental Associates.